Top Reasons To Support Animal Sanctuaries Like Freedom Acres
March 2016

Most parents bring their little kids to the zoo to see different kinds of animals. However, zoos uproot animals from their natural habitat and keep them inside unnatural, unhygienic, and small cages, which is not where they are meant to be, as they are wild animals. Tigers and lions are meant to roam in the wild — something they can't do in the limited space provided by zoos. 


Monkeys are meant to swing from trees throughout the forest, and dolphins are meant to migrate for miles. If you've been to a zoo and seen how a bear or tiger walk in circles our of boredom, then you understand what we mean. 


Did you know that tigers and lions have 18,000 times more space in the wild than in the zoo? Plus, zoos are notorious for breeding and trading animals without any regard that these are sentient beings that are entitled to living their own lives in peace. So if we're really animal lovers, then we shouldn't be supporting such places. Visiting animal sanctuaries like Freedom Acres, where animals are treated with love and respect, is a much better option.

Importance of animal sanctuaries

An animal sanctuary is a safe haven for animals who have been abused and victimized all their lives. Animal sanctuaries have some similarities with zoos, as they both house animals in their facility. But that's where the similarities end. 


Most zoos only care about turning a profit, and sadly, that’s usually at the expense of the animals. But true animal sanctuaries like Freedom Acres farm sanctuary treat their animal residents as treasured guests and not as prisoners. They also do not breed, buy, sell, trade, or capture animals from the wild. They only provide a safe environment where abused animals can heal and recuperate. You can also do research on plant-based nutrition to learn how to stop the need for all these animals to be rescued.


By visiting Freedom Acres farm sanctuary with your young children, they will hear some of the stories of the rescued animals. This will teach them a valuable lesson about compassion and how we treat others. Interacting with the animals at the sanctuary will give you a deeper understanding of how they experience their own lives.

Types of animals rescued by sanctuaries

Animal sanctuaries rescue all types of animals. However, they may be separated in different locations based on what kind they are. For example, wild animals like tigers, lions, bears, and elephants are kept in wildlife sanctuaries. On the other hand, farm animal sanctuaries like Freedom Acres is home to a myriad of domesticated farm animals.


The Freedom farm rescue team does not discriminate or choose which animals to rescue. Everyone who needs a loving home is welcome, including horses, pigs, alpacas, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks, as well as dogs.


Search online for Freedom Acres animal sanctuary in Georgia to plan your next outing with your kids. Not all sanctuaries are open to the public, especially wildlife sanctuaries. This is because they want to avoid putting their animal residents in stressful situations. This just goes to show how much the sanctuary cares about the peace and well-being of the animal's experience. However, forming bonds with the animals there is also important, as this helps us recreate the connections to animals that we lost.


Most farm sanctuaries are open to the public and you can even volunteer to take part in clean-ups, walking the dogs, helping with medical care or farm maintenance, and even feeding the animals.  

How does Freedom Acres save animals from harm?

The founder of Freedom Acres, Lisa Kario, is a life-long animal lover who made it her mission to help and rescue as many abused and neglected farm animals as possible. We, at the sanctuary, remove them from harm's way and provide them with a new home where they can feel loved and safe. 


Our farm sanctuary in Georgia is free-range. This means all animals in the sanctuary are free to do and go wherever they wish. You will find animals that are generally separated on factory farms, like horses and pigs all getting along quite well and roam together peacefully.


Freedom Acres farm animal sanctuary has rescued quite a lot of animals over the years, and we don't plan on stopping. But we need your help. Just like any other establishment, we also have expenses and bills we need to take care of. And some of them are quite costly, especially veterinary bills for the medical care of the animals.  


We are a GA 501c3 non-profit organization, and we need all the help we can get. Supporting organizations that save animals from harm is essential to changing the world for the better. If you regularly donate to charities, please search online for organizations that are helping the world while not exploiting animals. For example, there are food charities that deliver all-vegan meals to hungry humans, so that they are fighting for two causes at once. Your donations to Freedom Acres can help save many animal lives.   

The team of vegan marketers proudly presents this article in support of sanctuaries like Freedom Acres in their quest to save the animals. Check the details on to find out about other ways you can help to make the world a better place.

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